At P+D we take our approach to the environment seriously.

Our environmental committee focus on finding eco-friendly solutions and safeguarding social responsibility while providing the best possible solutions to our clients. We hold three internationally recognized environmental accreditations:

+ Ecovaids Silver Medal.

+ ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

+ P+D is an approved FSC® chain of custody supplier.

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EcoVadis is a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses' sustainability based on four key categories:

P+D hold an EcoVadis Silver Medal following a detailed assessment of our business' in 2023. This award places P+D in the top 25% of companies worldwide based on our scoring in the assessment.


ISO 14001 standard is the global standard for organizations wanting to demonstrate their environmental credentials. It details the requirements for implementing an effective environmental management system (EMS), which plays a vital role in how businesses measure, manage and control their environmental impact.

In March 2023 we reached a significant milestone when we achieved ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard working closely with Certification Europe.


P+D is an approved FSC® chain of custody supplier

Having FSC® Chain of Custody Certification allows us to produce and sell on FSC® Certified Product using materials from well-managed forests and / or verified and recycled sources giving our customers the assurance that their products have been produced using responsibly sourced paper and board, and is therefore of vital importance to the world's forests. Forest management not only prevent deforestations and illegal logging, but also ensures protection for animals and vegetations.

Alternate Materials:

Are you sure your using the most environmentally friendly options for your display or promotion? We actively seek out and present solutions to our customers that are recyclable and biodegradable, or alternatively have a second life. Reach out to any of our team to discuss the options available.

Options include:

+ Fiber based alternatives for display and signage.

+ PVC Free Fabrics, Vinyl and Laminates.

+ No PVC alternatives for signage and display.

Responsible Manufacturing:

Our production facility is regularly audited by the EPA and Certification Europe to ensure we are operating to the highest standards. We constantly monitor our power use and impact on our local environment. Our investment strategy is tailored around solutions to reduce our environmental impact. In 2022, we retrofitted the entire factory with energy efficient LED lighting. Our investment in the Elitron Digital Cutting Device reduces the power consumption required to cut jobs and also eliminates formes reducing our carbon footprint. 

Waste Management:

Internally, we operate a strict waste management process to ensure as much excess material as possible is given a second life. All our offcuts, packaging, plastics and wraps are all bailed and recycled.


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