Ideas Hub

We manage more than just print we manage lots of elements of our customers business including their brand, budget,  and marketing projects.  But we take that in our stride of course.  As herein P+D we have got a dedicated Ideas Team who collectively work together in coming up with ideas concepts and designs. We know it is not enough to come up with a concept it needs to actually work that is why having we have input from lots of departments including our print, finishing, sales, and marketing departments all working with the design team into making our ideas and concepts a practical reality. 

Our Ideas Hub is a dedicated area of our facility that is designed and structured to be a relaxed area with informal soft furnishings so our team can converge or take the time out as individuals to develop a thought or concept.   But our Ideas Hub is not just for the Gurus of P+D our customers sometimes also come and participate with the team when we're looking to thrash out ideas or concepts with lots of tea coffee and conversation flowing.  

Are our Ideas Team the brains of P+D?  we won't' go that far! just yet. 


Ideas Hub
P+D Ideas Hub
Ideas Hub
P+D Creating Ideas


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